TO MENU

        I’ve loved photography for literally over half of my life. It’s not just a job, it’s an art, a passion, a lifestyle. I’m quite obsessed with documentaries, truth telling, stories, love, romance, miracles and healing. I find all of this in a single image. Photography brings me joy and all I could ever hope is to share that joy with you.

        Recently converted yogi. I’ll be getting my YTT this fall and I couldn’t be more grateful for the practice. It’s brought so much grounding work and brought a truer sense of self out of me. If you’re a yogi, let’s make a date!Namaste!

        I’m so passionate about music. It’s always playing: at home, during shoots, yoga practice, while editing. Its influence is major over my work, too. It helps create a mood and sets the tone for a shoot. There’s nothing else like it. You’ll also find me wearing my favorite band tee’s and drinking IPA’s at all the good concerts dancing like a teenage girl in love.

        I love espresso, rock climbing, rebels, dancing, swear words, honesty and probably you. Let’s get to know each other and see if we’re a good match!



        In addition to all of that, what’s most important that you know is: I will be everything you need. I’ll keep you calm and sane. I’m a pro bussler and will bring food to your bridal prep. I’m the extra eyes and ears and promise to be your confidant.

        You can trust me with your story because I give a shit. You deserve someone to care enough to document the start of you and your human’s life together, in a way that will leave you with memories for a lifetime. From the gritty details and dirty feet to happy tears and drunken kisses.

        My couples are more than just clients; what we create is so much deeper than what meets the eye. Love is complex and beautiful, and sometimes it hurts but is full of so much magical mystery. Let me in yours and I’ll show you what I see.

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