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        Greg Young - Lola- Las Vegas Desert Photoshoot - All Things Wild Photography February 18, 2020

        Greg and Lola in the Bronco

        I was stoked when Greg's wife, Jen, reached out to me on Instagram. Greg is a music producer and promotor of live music events of Mojave Ghost. They mentioned that they loved how I work with crea...
        Gingy Las Vegas Wetlands Park Las Vegas Photoshoot February 18, 2020

        Wetlands Creative Portraits with Gingy

        Another beautiful day, another incredible creative nude-y photo session with a dear Goddess friend of mine. This woman has a heart of pure gold and a divine loving energy that will make you feel like...
        Las Vegas Boudoir Photography : All Things Wild Stephanie Rapp, Creative Portrait and Elopement Photographer February 13, 2020

        Marisa’s Bedroom and Bathtub Boudoirs

        I've reached a point in my art, with this photography game, whatever you want to call it, that I make every single photo shoot completely different from the last. I get bored creatively so much faste...
        Courtney and Ryan One Year Anniversary Las Vegas Mt Charleston October 23, 2019

        Courtney and Ryan One Year Anniversary

        I don't even know where to start when it comes to these two; as this thought leaves me with tears in my eyes. (Seriously, what's new.) Courtney and I have been friends since age sixteen, w...
        July 25, 2019

        Brigette and Michael Intimate Styled Elopement at Lake Cushman, Washington

        There was a day I thought photographing adventure elopements would be a pipe dream. An untouchable but incredibly beautiful career. Doing what I love [photographing people in beautiful locations,...
        June 13, 2019

        Rob and Kami’s Los Angeles In-home Engagement

        This is definitely a story worth sharing. It's kind of strange but also incredibly beautiful how this shoot came about. So, I met Rob just a few months ago via a dating app. We went on a date,...
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