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        I don’t even know where to start when it comes to these two; as this thought leaves me with tears in my eyes. (Seriously, what’s new.)

        Courtney and I have been friends since age sixteen, we went to different schools but we always would count on seeing each other on the weekends either at a friends house party or one of Vegas’ skateparks. We were the girls with cameras, rolling in on my hot pink skateboard, Courtney always with her Doors tee and blazer and me with my Element skate wear. God the image in my head has me laughing so hard right now. To be sixteen again.

        Now that I think about it, I know I have some amazing photos of us way back then. I’ll have to follow up with this blog with a throwback post. Seriously though, some great times with this chick. She and I always had such a bond, we always got along, always encouraged each other, and always had each others backs. She’s the epitome of a best friend, and I’m SO fucking grateful for her. Ya hear that Court?! I fucking LOVE you!

        A couple of years ago, Courtney went through a terrible break-up. They were together for seven years and I remember her telling me she didn’t know if she’d find a great love.

        Feeling a friends grief and pain over a relationship is just one of those things you can’t really do anything to help other than just be of comfort and support. It’s the worst kind of pain though, especially the older you get and the more selective you are.

        She was always such a beautiful soul so I knew she’d have no problem finding love again, a great love that embodied everything she desired, a love she actually deserved.

        When she came to me with the news of this Ry-guy, her face wouldn’t stop. Her smile wouldn’t go away and the glow in her face stuck. Time after time of seeing her, her happiness exuded her. She’d tell me, “I can’t believe I found him, Steph. A year later and I’m still pinching myself. Is this real life?”

        This is the kind of love we all are deserving of. The kind that makes us feeling lighter, happier and full of gratitude.

        When I met Ryan, Courtney was with all smiles and giggles. He was a goof, always making her laugh. He’s a silly guy but grounded. He was simply the ying to her yang. They complimented one another and you could see it, you could feel it.

        I mean, every time I hang out with them, Ry’s making jokes, exuding his sweet love for Court (and occasionally humping her leg) and all the while she’s grabbing her face giggling like a 5 year old. I mean, they’re the fucking cutest. They play. They work. They love.

        My heart is so full when it comes to them and their family. Just some of the best people I’ve had the honor to know and I’m lucky I get to call them friends.

        Happy one year Court and Ry! And a big happy birthday to Chloe and Cass! Those pups are the absolute best.

        Just throwing this out there again. You got animals and want them in your photoshoot? The answer is yes. Every single time.

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