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        I absolutely love when couples find me and know 100% I’m the person for them.

        Emily and Sho expressed to me upon meeting how important it was that they be captured at they are. They didn’t want to feel unnatural or too posed. (Lucky for them, this is my strong suit in photography.) Most clients are always mentioning to me how uncomfortable or awkward they are in front of the camera. This is totally normal, as I, too, am super weird on the other side of the lens.

        Right off the bat, I knew they were passionate about rock climbing and just being outdoors. I’m a climber myself so this was such an easy call. “How’d you feel about doing your engagements at the Vegas red rocks and just play? Bring your crash pad, a bucket of beers, and whatever else calls to you both.” This idea got them excited and already, they felt comfortable knowing they’d be in a zone they’re familiar with. This is always the goal for me when working with my couples.

        This year, for me, has been all about shedding layers of identities, removing the masks, using my voice and my skills to create something true, something real. This is what most artists (and clients) strive for, so it’s only necessary to cut the bullshit and to just be who you are. You’ll attract the right people regardless of the stigmas society continues to throw at us, constantly trying repress any “out of the norm” idea. This is something I know very well.

        I’ve always marched to the beat of my own drum. I’ve had my life labeled throughout my entire teen and adult life; the rebel, the black sheep, the hippie, the gypsy, the nomad. From a very young age I was always saying, “I’d rather live in a van down by the river.” For those that don’t know…my home is my thirty-two foot 1994 RV named Bonnie, and she’s my favorite home thus far.

        My hair is currently pink, I have several tattoos (and am planning for more,) every morning I chant and meditate, yoga is my medicine and the occasional psychedelic journey is called to continuously help me build this independent creative foundation I’ve embraced, embodying all of my uniqueness and constantly applying it to my life.

        Standing in the face of adversity has been something I’ve always been familiar with, as I’ve always questioned every thought, every process and every belief. I’m not one to conform to what the majority feel or think and this is something I’ve really had to hone in on this year. I’m not one to sit back and pacify ignorant and closed-minded behavior, as I know this life is unique and we are all on our own individual paths.

        What’s so beautiful about this is we get to go through this journey together, to learn from each other, to evolve with and most importantly, to love.

        Love is truly the answer when it comes down to anything and everything. If there is love, there is life. The passion of love that I feel for, that truly consumes my heart and soul is a passion I will never let down. I hope I can continue to evolve in this industry, calling to those that resonate with the deepness of love I feel for love.

        Your love stories, the great loves, the hard loves, the love that pushes us, alters us, hurts us, changes us. This is the love I know and as we slowly peel back the layers throughout the duration of our time together, the love layers start to show. Always starting with the surface, and then to slowly diving in, deeper and deeper. It’s such a beautiful process and I’m truly honored I get to create with some incredible humans.

        Congrats Em and Sho! Thank you for choosing weird-o me to capture your love and thank you for trusting me with your story. Excited to play more at your wedding next month! <3

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