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        I had the absolute pleasure to co-create with this Goddess Divine, this Angel Warrior, this Beloved sister of mine, Catherine.

        Oh, how I love you so.

        Catherine and I met at an Ayahuasca journey as we had about a foot of space between our mats on the ground, barf bucket meet barf bucket, tears meet tears, friend meet friend.

        Before knowing each other, we really got to know each other. There wasn’t anything we’ve not talked about since. It wasn’t until the following morning after night one of Aya that we started talking. I think the first thing that happened was a big hug.

        It was the strangest yet most awakening experience and it couldn’t have been more thoroughly enjoyed than to be sharing this experience with her. We hit it off immediately, and we just so comfortably felt to be our truest selves together. Full support and no judgement; a sincere understanding. It was probably something we both had needed, so we truly have the Universe to thank for such a beautiful conspiration!

        I guess I’ll save the esoteric stories and plant medicine for another time and we’ll jump to the time when Catherine wanted to have her photo taken simply by the desire to just feel fucking good. Obviously–I fully support anything involving radical self-love. God knows we all need it after the obstacles and healing we’ve been faced to overcome. <3

        Whenever there is a full moon, I love to share this time with my sisters, to celebrate and create ritual to intentionally release something.

        This monthly time always gives us something to celebrate and claim victory, so long as your intention has been set! It’s a healing and empowering opportunity that we are given, and I couldn’t see a better way to celebrate than to empower a soul sister through photographs and video.

        This full moon, Catherine and I spent the evening staring into the sky, howling to the moon and embracing the years of devoted healing we’ve put into ourselves. We took time to honor heart break, our sacred femininity, finding gratitude while talking about our hurts and lessons.

        It was truly a time-lapsed ebb and flow of constant moments of releasing and empowering. Catherine screamed at one point when I asked her to release something. She tilted her chin up to the sky, squeezed her eyes shut, out of this kind, considerate woman’s mouth roared, “FUCK YOU!” … a few times and she looked back at me, laughed, and said, “That felt great!”

        To say this shoot was a big healing session would simply be an understatement. I support all things that support, empower, bring to light, enlighten, awaken, all the good things. I encourage a lot of it and have an innate gift of bringing these things out of people.

        So, to me, that’s where I photograph differently. I work with energy, not with the information you tell me, or the masks people will try to put on for a shoot.

        If I feel tension, I’ll create space to alleviate it. If I sense worry or fear, I will start to act like a monkey and watch you trust me. Even if I look like an idiot. Sometimes, I’ll intuitively lead to at least some sort of nature element to support the purpose of the shoot.

        In Catherine’s case, she had the intention of feeling empowered, reminding her of the Goddess she truly is but also providing a safe space for her to feel heard and supported emotionally or mentally for anything that needed to be let go of to feel the draw for the higher frequency emotions, like happiness, joy, acceptance and love.

        The element of water is such a powerful tool when you use it with intent. The timing was so perfect with the Full Moon in Pisces; it was the perfect time to release any suppressed emotions and to trust your intuition, to claim the High Priestess energy.

        The intent behind this shoot was encompassing more than just one aspect and it brought so much to the table; mind, heart, body and soul.

        Leaving us feel a deep cleansing, so revitalizing and new.

        The way Catherine flowed around the water, letting it push and pull her, leaving her in sticky spots, uncertain and uncomfortable. People on the coast, eyeing her every move.

        Having photographs taken isn’t always a private experience. Sometimes you get an audience.

        There wasn’t a thing to stop Catherine from emanating her strong and fierce Divine Femininity though.

        Catherine is also wearing crystal jewelry I’ve been creating over the span of this wild pandemic. You can find these healing babies, here.

        Sweet soul sister. You are a true inspiration. I love learning and growing with you. Thank you for sharing this experience with me. Love you forever.

        If the idea of doing something of this nature sparks your interest or if you know you’re ready to feel empowered yourself and get beautiful imagery out of it, reach out! Let’s chat about it.



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