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        This story will have you feeling a little more love and hope in your love life. I mean, it does for me at least.

        Hannah and Jameson basically grew up together. They were always friends from a young age. They dated in high school, and they were pretty much the most adorable couple on the face of this planet. Even in high school, their love for one another was so pure and honest. I got to take both of their senior portraits their graduating year in high school and then shortly after, they decided to call their relationship and just stay friends.

        Jameson served a mission for his church, and so did Hannah. They separated and didn’t even really keep in touch for a bit, allowing each other to focus on themselves.

        Jameson had a girlfriend when he returned home, and Hannah had a boyfriend. I can assure you, too, that many people were not happy with this situation. Majority of the people who knew them from an early age just KNEW that these two belonged together.

        Time was the only factor, really. As most things are. And here we are, planning their friggin’ wedding.

        When Jameson’s mom texted me around 10 pm on a weeknight, “what are your prices for a temple wedding, bridals and reception?” Well, knowing their family, I knew Jameson was the oldest and I had a feeling it was gonna be good. I responded with, “WHO IS GETTING MARRIED?!”

        Obviously, it was Jameson and Hannah. I cried just knowing they’d come full circle and found each other again. Sometimes, these are the loves that give us all the hope we need. To let go, trust and know that whatever the universe has planned for us– will organically unfold. We just have to trust.

        Now–the emotions I feel for them even choosing me to document their love is on a completely different plane field. As I know these two have their own unique style, they know exactly who they were and what they wanted. I felt so unbelievably honored that they wanted me.

        Hannah mentioned at the start of our shoot, “please don’t get close up of our feet.”

        I told them not to worry, BUT their dirty feet were seriously one of my favorite parts of this warehouse shoot. Sorry not sorry?

        The sun was setting and as I was thinking of where to put the couple next, from far away I saw sprinklers were running at the baseball field. I yelled at them, “we’re about to get wet, run!”

        Hannah says, “This is perfect, J loves baseball.”

        Thank you Hannah and Jameson for such a beautiful day. Can’t wait for our bridal shoot next month!

        Also, here’s a little video I made during our engagement shoot. 🙂 Enjoy!

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