TO MENU

        My friend Danyelle over at Grey Pearl Bridal was such a Rockstar and lent one of her beautiful dresses for this styled adventure elopement. Perfect touch of 70’s with the gold floral sheen on the dress. Seriously, so gorgeous and also, SO easy to wear. Go check out her shop if you’re in Vegas, she’s got some amazing one-of-a-kind dresses!

        As for florals, holy shiiiiit, Sara (owner and florist of Cultivate Goods) killed it AS ALWAYS. She’s got such a beautiful creative eye for color and arrangement. I just adore these amazing and incredibly talented women (and men) I get to work with. I just love this community!

        Funny story– like I always do, I start to panic, like, two hours prior to the shoot. Usually consisting of, “F***, this isn’t gonna be good. You’re not even that good, Steph. Not like this shit’ll get published.” You know– just what us artists do. It’s a thing. You date an artist, expect them to hate themselves if they can’t make it just perfect. I just laughed out loud at that one. Funny, but kind of true?

        I guess I’ll get to the point…

        Normally I’ll flea the scene and end up making some expensive or radical decision (sometimes both) to make the shoot 10x better. Usually, it works out in my favor. Something about an artist under pressure–

        Driving into Boulder City (where I was living at the time), I remembered there was this Native American Indian tribal store and they had some amazing jewels. I had yet to find some earrings or possibly a necklace that would reflect of the beautiful rings made by Cerra at The Bolo Bar, an amazing independent artist who makes the most beautiful hand-crafted jewelry. [Go check her out! I have a ring and a bolo she made for me and I wear them all the time.]

        So, I go in, I see that RUG. I buy. I see those earrings. I hella buy. Arm cuff? Are you joking? Already freaking sold!

        So I legit bought all that cute shit, like 10 mins before. Effing nuts, but it made the shoot just a little more fun and added some more personality.

        9 out of 10 of my clients, post-wedding, every time:

        Me: “What would you do differently on your wedding day, if you could do it all over again?”

        Them: “We’d elope and go on an actual honeymoon somewhere incredible.”

        Hindsight’s always 20/20 though I guess.

        Anyone else?

        I mean, I was married before. I was almost married again. I would understand the appreciation for the “elopement” idea, absolutely. Love is truly the only thing that matters, in the end of it all. Amirite?

        Eden did such an amazing job with the hair and make-up. We were all crushing over this 70’s look with her red hair. Just so iconic. Kate, is also a model! She’s such a sweetheart and obviously, a classic beauty babe! Go check out her work, here! Also, how cute is this Lack of Color hat on her?!

        What a beautiful elopement. Las Vegas has so much more to offer than just the strip, remember that when you decide to elope! 😉 Oh, and hire me! <3

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