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        To say “I love this family,” would simply be an understatement. Brittany and Brian are now like family in my eyes. Having been so incredible during our shoots, before and even after, we’ve connected in ways I only hope to continue to connect with in present and future clients.

        For our first session, a few months ago, I went to their home, expressed so much how I just wanted our in-home session to be solely focused on them, their love, their story– and to just let our shoot unfold naturally. It was through a few drinks, some vulnerable conversation and all their favorite music that allowed them to express their deepest emotions and brought to the surface more love than I could ever imagine in two humans I barely know.

        Clearly, we had a bond, so we planned another shoot and this time, incorporating their baby girls! Seriously… most. beautiful. children. ever.

        My new approach to family photography has been so much more fulfilling, and as a mom myself, and someone who understands that little Jonny can’t sit still for an hour, all while smiling at the camera, I can tell you that it ain’t gon’ happen! Sawwwwrrrry, Mom!

        Let the kids just be…kids. They’re not going to be happy sometimes, and that’s okay. My kids hardly ever cooperate when I have my camera in their face, so I engage with them instead, which then creates natural emotions, whether it be laughter, curiosity or otherwise. Our lives are not perfect and we are not in a great, happy mood 24/7, so why are we trying to capture just that?

        Again, I just adore these two. Just total babes.


        The world is a brighter yet, moodier place with you. And that’s exactly how it should be. Love you friend 🖤

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