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        I’ve reached a point in my art, with this photography game, whatever you want to call it, that I make every single photo shoot completely different from the last. I get bored creatively so much faster than I used to. Stepping out of my comfort zone is a requirement these days and I absolutely fucking love that my clients trust me, feed into the uncertainty of what exactly our shoots will consist of.

        I had briefly explained to Marisa the look I was aiming for, she loved it and let me take the lead. This little studio set up was just in my bedroom. I get the BEST morning light in my bedroom. It was fun to just play with what I had, a fog machine, the amazing fashion pieces she brought and the best playlist consisting of Sabrina Claudio, Harry Styles and The Weeknd.

        Since learning and integrating color healing into my life, I wanted to play with it in the art realm of my weirdo mind. Safe to say it was a success.

        Me: “Ok, so Marisa, I need you to get naked and let me dunk you in my bathtub.”

        Marisa: “That sounded creepy, but yes, let’s do it.”

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