TO MENU

        Another incredible and loving couple to be so grateful for. Another intimate dream wedding in the books. Seriously, pinch me. I’m still dreaming about this day.

        Sarah emailed me about two years ago, inquiring about a destination engagement and a local wedding. As I’m sure you can imagine my typical reaction: usually consisting of passionately swearing and jumping up and down, dancing like a mad woman at the same time.

        Yeah. It’s definitely a sight to see. And Yeah. I get that excited when I get sincere inquiries.

        We met within no time, at Born and Raised, a local Vegas bar. Sarah and David seemed eager to get to know me. Sarah sat quietly smiling, glancing at David while he asked me a million (very valid) questions. I appreciated their approach to hiring their wedding photographer. This couple gave a shit. And as you know, I do, too. I happily answered every single one.

        A couple of hours later, a couple of vodka soda’s in and we’re already planning their destination engagement session at Horseshoe Bend and Antelope Canyon for fall of 2018. (I don’t think I’ve blogged that shoot– as my blogging has just become a more recent venture.) Anyway, if you’d like to see that shoot blogged, comment below!

        It was mentioned from the beginning that they didn’t want their wedding too big and too traditional, as they wanted their day to feel special to THEM and they wanted to remember it a certain way. This is something I always express to my couples. Please remember it’s YOUR day, no one else’s.

        Sarah and David got ready together, at their home, where they live and love, and fight, and eat, and sleep, and play. This is where they felt most comfortable to be and I absolutely loved it all. The emotions were high and it was definitely special.

        Sometimes with all of the years/months/weeks/days/hours of planning, the anticipation of just “getting it over with” can really put the anxiety feelings in auto-pilot and sometimes it controls the current moment, which is never fun. Trust me. Been there.

        The fact they decided to spend their wedding morning together really kept the two calm, happy and excited together. They were supportive, they were loving, they were so sweet and maybe a little more slow in the way they did things. They were pausing, they were continuously stopping to smell the roses, literally and figuratively. Sarah, you killed it the florals.

        The idea of this wedding day as slow paced was exactly how I’d describe it on a timely note. It was nice to see them take their time with everything. Most couples are on the run all day long.

        My advice: slow down. Stop. Why are you getting married? What is this day meant to be for? Who am I doing this for? What’s the most important reason? It really gets to you to appreciate the more meaningful parts, truly.

        Sarah was already so good at her own skin care and make-up she just did it herself. Simply amazing. And it lasted all night long, too. Please teach me your ways, Sarah!

        Beautiful and classic hair style done by Geo Desic.

        Sarah decided to do a little first look at home, for a smaller element of surprise for the final touches. She got upstairs, David got downstairs.

        Meanwhile, upstairs, Sarah puts on her dress and shoes. Sincerely, one of the most beautiful brides I’ve ever photographed. [Inside & out.]

        Off to their wedding they went…in their Uber XL. <3

        Having been in the Las Vegas wedding industry for years, it’s safe to say the other creatives I get to work with at every wedding and event, are the best of the best. It’s been so fun getting to work with Lia with I Do Details. She’s such a great planner and creative coordinator!

        Lia took them to the reception area for a first look. Seriously, such a beautiful wedding.

        Meanwhile, back at cocktail hour.

        While guests got seated for dinner and evening shenanigans, I snagged the couple for some blue hour bridals. My absolute favorite time to shoot now days.

        We partied til Springs Preserved kicked us out. I love how they committed they were to the music and how it would be the highlight of the night. It definitely was and is always the best part, especially when the couple knows how to get down.

        Thanks to Sarah and David for choosing me to document this amazing day. Your thoughtfulness, creativity and the bond you have with your people exuded so much this day. You are both loved so much. Congratulations on finding each other. I’ll be seeing you soon! <3


        Photographer: Stephanie Rapp of All Things Wild

        Second Photographer: Courtney Pecorino

        Planner/Coordinator: Lia of I Do Details

        Catering/Bar: Divine Events

        Florist: Sara of Cultivate Goods

        Hair Artist: Geo Desic

        Venue: Springs Preserve

        Invitations: Minted

        Bride’s romper: Homebodii

        Bride’s Kimono: Kim & Ono

        Perfume: Gucci (Bloom Acqua Di Flori)

        Bride’s Dress: Ines Di Santo (Willow)

        Earrings and Rings: Jared’s

        Shoes: Alexandre Birman (Clarita Block Sandal)

        Groom’s Pj’s: Unsimply Stiched

        Groom’s Suit: Peter Miller

        Socks: Stance

        Tie: Burberry

        Shoes: Tom Ford

        Pocket Square: Tom Ford

        Watch: Shinola Detroit

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