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        One of the best parts of being a photographer is getting to work with some of the best photographers around. Courtney Pecorino, one of Las Vegas’ best photographers and one of my best friends of 15 years (no I’m not bias– check her out here), always asks me to associate shoot with her at bigger weddings. It’s so much fun getting to work with your best friends. We probably work at least 5-10 weddings together a year. Some of my best days are getting to work with this amazing woman.

        She had booked me a few months prior to this October Lake Las Vegas Reflection Bay wedding, she gave me all the deets of Tim and Sarah (the bride and groom,) mentioning how down to earth and fun-loving they are and how these two can par-tay. Sounded like the best kind of wedding, so obviously, I took her up on it.

        I kid you not, like two nights before the wedding, I had a dream that I video’d this wedding. I woke up, called Court and the first words that came out of my mouth at 8:30 am were, “I had a dream I video’d Sarah and Tim’s wedding… aaaaand I think I should do it. What do you think?” Without any hesitation, she replied, “Oh my God, fucking do it. Hell yes.”

        She was just as excited and oddly curious as I was. We gabbed about the potiential of where this could take me and us, considering we LOVE working together. We’ve had our shared experiences of working with other vendors (videographers/photographers) that just don’t vibe the way we do, and Courtney and I just get each other, no need to even explain or ask or give details. We just do. Every wedding we work together flows and we have the best kind of content. Sincerely grateful for her and her constant encouragement in this crazy artistic evolution. It’s also nice to have someone know what kind of standards we expect when shooting a wedding. You can’t slack or be careless with these types of events. I mean, it’s someone wedding. No mistakes allowed.

        Anyway, I wasn’t really all that nervous to my surprise come the day. I felt confident despite the fact I’ve never video’d a wedding in my life. I’d play with it every now and then but only for my own creative reasonings, with my kids and such.

        I didn’t seek out for advice or for inspiration as I felt this needed to come from me. I didn’t have the equipment most videographers have, the mic, the lights, the intimidating arm muscle building shit. So– yeah. I did it all by hand.

        Looking at it now, I’m so appreciative of the organic quality of that aspect. And for those who know me, know I appreciate all things raw and truthful. I mean, we all know love isn’t perfect, so why should your video be?

        At the start, I knew I wanted DETAIL, and lots of it. I knew I wanted a music video kind of vibe, as Tim is a DJ and Sarah loves music and they’re just a fun-loving party kind of a couple. Not the sappy, super-romantic and crying kind. You’ll see.

        This was the first video, the video that started it all for me, enveloping this side of my creativity. I honestly had no idea what I was going to make, but I wanted it to speak to them as a couple. Luckily, this is where my empath side really allows me to flow creatively. I can get to know someone in a matter of a minute just by being in their presence, let alone an entire wedding day.

        The getting ready process for Sarah and Tim was light, fun and full of happy. I loved how they just let it flow versus letting the stress and time control them. (*Please, remember to enjoy your wedding day! It seriously shows in photos and video!*)

        I love when a couple does a first look! It really allows the couple to enjoy some time together, to alleviate any unsettling nerves before sharing your story in front of all your people. They were so happy, you felt the joy exuding off one another the moment they saw each other. It was beautiful, full of love and so much fun.

        Sarah and Tim’s ceremony wasn’t like most, they wanted it to be simple, easy, short and sweet and they wanted to share their vows to one another more intimately, which I thought was so sweet. Leaving what mattered to themselves but sharing what they wanted with the people around them. It was funny, effortless and so sweet. I love how Tim whipped out a bottle of champagne at the end of the ceremony. Probably my favorite part!

        The bridal party was definitely such a fun crowd of supportive, fun-loving people as well. Make sure you’re picking the right kind of people for your wedding as it’s SO important to have people who want to be of help and support you on your wedding day. This couple hit the jack-pot on those kinds of people. Seriously.

        I really don’t know what to say about this first dance song. I mean, could they have picked a better song? And if you hire me for your wedding, please just… let there be donuts?

        Courtney and I were freaking out throughout the entire reception. So many epic moments happened and it was just such a fun and lively reception. It’s not every wedding you see a crowd dancing the whole freaking time. Even Court and I were dancing, while we were working. Seriously, could we have a better job? Don’t think so.

        As for this last video, just do yourself and grab the tissue box. On the real.

        So, a bit more on a personal note, and little did I know until after this moment, but Tim’s mom had passed away and this song brought his family members together, creating a circle and they sang this song for her. It was hard to tell, but there were many tears, and not just from my own eyeballs.

        The emotion was high, the passion was real and it was a moment I’ll never ever forget in all of my career. Not just being able to document this beautiful day through video but this specific moment. The love was there and you can just feel it watching this. I cry every time.

        From the bottom of my beating heart, Tim and Sarah, thank YOU so so much. For allowing me to be there, to document this in a way that I envisioned even though it wasn’t asked for or anticipated. Thank you for trusting me and letting me in to your amazing love story. I’ll forever cherish this day. Love you both so much!

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