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        Another beautiful day, another incredible creative nude-y photo session with a dear Goddess friend of mine. This woman has a heart of pure gold and a divine loving energy that will make you feel like the most loved person on the planet.

        She’s sincerely one of the most talented creatures I know, she has talents for days: she sings like a 1930’s jazz star, she dresses like the gypsy queen we all secretly want to be, her hair is a trademark and she’s one of Vegas’ best hair designer/stylists. She teaches, she heals, she’s such a beautiful person to know and I’m just so damn lucky I get to call her my friend! Love you Gingy!

        I really try to step out of the box when it comes to portrait work. If I’m being honest, if I don’t shoot from a passionate state, allowing my creativity to flow, I get really, really down on my work. Working with creatives, other artists, those who share the same forms of expression when creating really have been more drawn to working with me as of late and I FUCKING LOVE IT!

        Don’t get me wrong, I love a good elopement or wedding. That’s really where you really get my feels to come out and play, but working with artists gives me such a freedom. Literally, the grounds are my playground and the people in front of the lens have just as much creative flow as I do. That’s honestly how the best kinds of images arise. Play, play, play.

        Choosing a place to photograph is super important, because in my head I think “playground.” What is it can we do? Do we have the flexibility to go with the flow, will we be surrounded by a lot of people that could potentially hold us back or keep us distracted? Do we have enough of a backdrop to help us tell this story? What are the colors, textures and lighting in the area(s)?

        Having a pre-planned idea of what to envision of how the shoot will look, or at least having the ability to get the look you desire is SO important. I’m good with pressure and last minute changes, but my creativity can flow much easier this way and the subject(s) feels much more comfortable, and much much earlier on in the shoot.

        Also, quick side note. People ask why I don’t do “mini” sessions anymore. It’s relatively simple now, as the way I work is not by shooting time, it’s quality time, flow of creation and setting up for the look in its entirety. Getting the clients comfortable takes a little bit in the beginning of the shoot. Making sure our shooting spot is working out, lighting is where it’s most complimenting, etc. I just can’t do 30 minute shoots anymore and expect anything really that good to come of it. I mean, I can, but the pressure, the small creative box, the rushed feeling behind it… it’s just so unnatural and staged to me. I don’t like it and it’s never brought my art any benefit, truly, and my client(s) always appreciate the images SO much more when they gain the full experience of getting to work with me.

        After years and years of working in this beautiful industry, I’ve really had to eliminate all of what I wasn’t willing to do or “settle for” any longer. What it has done though, is SO much more than I can even imagine: bringing my art so much more candor and emotion, the biggest emotional fulfillments on both parties and getting the best photographic experience you can imagine!

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