TO MENU

        Raynelle has been hiring me for their family photos for FIVE YEARS now. Insane. Lily– that cute little thing standing by the light pole, she was like, a baby when I started photographing them. Time flies, but at least we have photos to thank for when we want to reminisce. Right?! Just another reason I love my job. “Job…” if you wanna call it that.

        Mom (Raynelle) texted me about an hour before our session, “Lily is excited to see you. She always says her favorite photos of her are the ones you took last time.” I just LOVE hearing this. So, of course, the second I saw her, I took her hand and had her do her little spins and pose strikes. Just the freaking cutest. And those glasses, like come on!

        Little Miss Londyn on the other hand, she gave me a good run for my money, but what’s to expect of a 2 year old?! Not much else, honestly. Hear that mommas?!

        If you pay for a family shoot and have a child under the age of 5, the shoot will be around their schedule, not ours. I mean that with every fiber of my being. Having photographed over 200 family sessions in the last couple of years, trust me when I say, your photos will come out much cuter if you let the little ones take lead.

        Meanwhile, Mom and Dad over here keeping things hot & steamy!

        Seriously, the cutest girls! I just love them!

        As I’m sure you can see that “picture perfect” doesn’t have to be the end goal when having family photos. Let it just unfold. Engage. Show your love and play. <3

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